Solidity 105 - English

In Solidity 105, we will explore more about built-in ABI functions and learn how to interact with other contracts. After this course, you can confidently tell the world that you are a Solidity developer!

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length0.8h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in blockchain and smart contract development
  • For developers who want to learn Solidity


  • No CS background required - This course uses extensive metaphors to make concepts accessible to beginners
  • It is recommended to first complete the basics of content from Solidity 101 to 104, as this will be very helpful in understanding the subsequent material

What You’ll Learn

  • Advanced Solidity programming, offering a deeper exploration of the underlying application syntax in Solidity.
function selector
function signature


  • Fallback & Receive

    two special functions: fallback and receive

  • Selfdestruct & Time

    Two frequently used tools

  • ABI

    A set of functions that encode and decode data with ABI

  • Function Selector

    concepts and features related to low-level function calls and encoding

  • Low-level Call

    Low-level interaction with other contracts


Solidity 105 - English

14 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop