Foundational Concepts about Mantle Network

This is the introductory course for Mantle Network. In this lesson, we will dive into foundational concepts about the Mantle Network, including layer-2 (L2), optimistic roll-up (OR), and modular blockchain, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem before learning the Solidity syntax and building projects on Mantle.

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  • Unit 1 - Alice and Bob

    This section introduces learners to Alice and Bob who will serve as the protagonists of the “Foundational Concepts about Mantle Network” course.

  • Unit 2 - Layer 2

    Layer 2 (L2) is a network or channel sitting on top of a Layer 1 (L1) network like Bitcoin or Ethereum designed to enhance the speed and reduce the cost of performing transactions. This unit discusses the various types of L2s such as State Channels, Side-chains, OP Roll-ups, and ZK Roll-ups and discusses their respective advantages and disadvantages.

  • Unit 3 - Introduction to Mantle Network

    This section discusses the background, process flows, and architecture of Mantle Network.

  • Unit 4 - How to deploy your first contract on Mantle

    In this unit, we will guide you from the process of setting up wallet to successfully deploying your first smart contract.

Foundational Concepts about Mantle Network

Foundational Concepts about Mantle Network

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