Getting Started with Ethers.js

This is a course to learn about the basic of Ethers.js. You will learn to interact with smart contract using ethers.js.

Skill LevelIntermediate
Total Length1.4h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in interaction with Ethereum.


  • A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended.
  • This course will interact with the contract CryptoKitty, which is explained in detail in a previous guided project. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with that course first.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up and configure Ethers.js in a project.
  • Writing scripts to interact with Ethereum and smart contracts.
  • Methods for reading data from and writing data to smart contracts using Ethers.js.
  • How to use a wallet with Ethers.js to initiate transactions and manage accounts.
wallet manage


  • Unit 1 - ethers.js Introduction

    Introduction to ethers.js, its main classes, and its benefits.

  • Unit 2 - Setting Up the Development Environment

    Setting up tools needed to start building with ethers.js.

  • Unit 3 - Connect to Provider

    In this unit, you'll learn to set up the Ethers.js Provider class and retrieve blockchain information such as block numbers.

  • Unit 4 - Get Contract Information

    In this unit, you'll learn about the Ethers.js Contract class, how to obtain and use ABI objects to interact with smart contracts.

  • Unit 5 - Connect to a Wallet

    In this unit, you'll learn about the Signers and Wallets classes in Ethers.js and connect to wallets using various methods.

  • Unit 6 - Contract Interactions

    In this unit, you'll learn how to interact with existing contracts using Ethers.js.

  • Unit 7 - Utilities

    In this unit, you'll learn about essential utility functions in Ethers.js, including how to format data, encode and decode information, and perform cryptographic operations. These foundational tools are crucial for working effectively with smart contracts and blockchain data.

  • Unit 8 - Transaction

    In this unit, you'll learn how to send transactions using Ethers.js.


Getting Started with Ethers.js

15 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop