Fungible Token

What is a token? Ever thought about launching your own token? Fungible tokens are digital assets that are interchangeable on a one-to-one basis, representing a uniform unit of value. In the Fungible Token (FT) course, you'll learn the essential steps to mint your own fungible token, check balances, and execute seamless transfers in under an hour.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1.5h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in learning about DeFi
  • For developers who want to learn about the technical implementation of cryptocurrencies


  • Basic understanding of Solidity is recommended - at a minimum, you should be familiar with the content of the course Solidity101
  • Possess an Ethereum account, connected to both Mantle and a wallet, holding either Mantle tokens or test tokens (for those wishing to perform real on-chain operations, though deployment can also be done directly in a local environment if test tokens are not available).

What You’ll Learn

  • Writing projects in Solidity to implement token minting, balance inquiry, and transfers.
  • How to use a wallet to initiate transactions, get your project on-chain, and view relevant information.


  • Setup Contract

    Here, we will learn how to start writing a smart contract. This includes defining the compiler version, creating the contract structure, and defining a constructor.

  • Define Key Variables

    In this section, we will learn to define three key variables crucial for our contract: 'balances' of type mapping, 'totalSupply' of type uint256, and 'owner' of type address.

  • Mint - Section 1

    In this section, we will begin to learn the process of writing the mint function. This initial part will cover the basics and start laying the groundwork for a functional minting process in our contract.

  • Mint - Section 2

    Continuing from the previous section, here we will learn to complete the mint function. This part focuses on finalizing the function and ensuring it operates correctly within the contract.

  • 50% balanceOf

    In this section, we will learn to write the 'balanceOf' function.

  • Transfer - Section 1

    Starting this section, we will learn the initial steps in writing the transfer function.

  • Transfer - Section 2

    Concluding our learning on the transfer function, here we will complete its development.


Fungible Token

30 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop