Build a NFT on Solana

In this course, we're going to dive into crafting our very own NFT project together. This includes the exciting processes of creating NFTs and minting them.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1.7h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in the Solana ecosystem
  • For developers who are interested in NFTs and their technical implementation


  • Basic understanding of Rust and Anchor is recommended - At least completed the four foundational courses: Solana Basic Concepts, Rust Basic Concepts, Solana Program Development, and Introduction to Anchor Framework
  • Basic understanding of NFT, it is recommended to first study NFT (implemented in Solidity) as a reference.
  • No Solana development experience is needed- this course contains the simplest and most basic procedures.

What You’ll Learn

  • Writing projects using Rust and Anchor to implement core functionalities of a simplified NFT
  • How to configure a project, claim SOL coins, and mint NFT in Solana Playground


  • Unit 1 - Basic Concepts

    This chapter will learn about NFT on Solana.

  • Unit 2 - Initializing NFT Programs

    This section introduces how to initialize an NFT program using the Rust language and the Anchor framework.

  • Unit 3 - Building the MintNFT Account Structure

    In this section, we'll dive into how to define account structures for NFT minting within the Rust and Anchor framework. It's all about setting up the blueprints for our NFT creations! 🚀🖼️

  • Unit 4 - Minting NFTs

    In this chapter, we're diving into the exciting world of NFT minting on the Solana blockchain. Get ready to explore how to use the Anchor framework to create your own NFTs.

  • Unit 5 - Adding Metadata to NFTs

    This section covers how to add metadata to NFTs using the Metaplex protocol.

  • Unit 6 - Creating NFT Master Edition

    This section covers how to create an NFT Master Edition using the Metaplex protocol.

  • Unit 7 - Interaction

    In this section, we will learn how to build and deploy programs.


Build a NFT on Solana

36 lessons
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