Decentralized Social Dapp

In this course, we will learn how to build a simple web3 social application on Linea: share on the chain and see statuses posted by everyone. The course includes the following content: 1. Build your own smart contract, which will record the user's status information. 2. Use the Thirdweb development platform to build a front-end application that interacts with it.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Developers are interested in layer2 Linea.
  • Developers are interested in Decentralized Social Dapp.


  • Understand the basic concepts of Web3 and blockchain.
  • Understand the relevant knowledge of smart contract development.
  • Understand the basic technology stack for Dapp development.

What You’ll Learn

  • Development and deployment of Solidity smart contracts
  • How to interact with smart contracts using Thirdweb


  • 1. Overview

    This chapter will introduce the basic information of decentralized social application as a whole.

  • 2. Contract development and deployment

    In this chapter, you will learn about statusContract and its deployment.

  • 3. Frontend Project: Update Status

    This chapter will explore how to build a web3 project from scratch, implement the login function, and publish your status on the chain.

  • 4. Front-end project: Status Feed

    This chapter will learn how to view the status information of all accounts or specified accounts

  • 5. Project Interaction

    This chapter will learn how to obtain test coins and interact with the contract.


Decentralized Social Dapp

12 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop