NFT Marketplace - Part 1

What is an NFT Marketplace? An NFT marketplace is a digital platform where you can buy and sell NFTs. In Part 1 of the NFT Marketplace course, we will learn how to implement an NFT trading market and sell the NFTs minted in the previous section on this trading market.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1.7h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Developers who are interested in NFT transactions and market dynamics.
  • Developers who want to learn how to build and manage an NFT marketplace.


  • Proficient in NFTs and the ERC721 standard.
  • Basic Solidity programming skills, with a recommendation to first complete foundational Solidity courses (at least Solidity 101 to 104)
  • Possess an Ethereum account, connected to both Mantle and a wallet, holding either Mantle tokens or test tokens (for those wishing to perform real on-chain operations, though deployment can also be done directly in a local environment if test tokens are not available)

What You’ll Learn

  • Writing projects in Solidity to implement an NFT Marketplace, including the creation, listing, and getting orders.


  • Project Set Up

    Here we setup the contract for further variables and functionalities.

  • Constructor

    In this uint, we will assign the address value to the NFT contract.

  • listNFT (1)

    1. Define an event that will be used to notify everyone about a new listing NFT 2. Define the listNFT function 3. We need to check if the owner of the NFT to be listed is the caller. 4. The price of the NFT cannot be defined as 0.

  • listNFT (2)

    1. Transfer the NFT from the NFT contract to the trading marketplace contract. 2. List the information of the NFT. 3. Submit the NFT listing event.

  • getOrder

    We will implement the second feature of the NFT trading market contract: querying the information of a listed NFT item.


NFT Marketplace - Part 1

24 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop