Web3 Basics

Web3 Basics is the introductory course in this series. In this class, we’ll cover relevant concepts in the Web3 domain, application scenarios, and the technologies involved. This will give you a basic understanding of the entire ecosystem before diving into Web3 development.

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  • Unit 1 - Web3 Overview

    Web3 represents a decentralized network ecosystem that prioritizes user empowerment and privacy protection. In this unit, we'll start from the origins of the internet to chart the evolution of web3, as well as its future trends. We'll also explore various segments within web3 and introduce some of the landmark projects. Finally, we'll guide you through how to get involved in web3 activities step by step.

  • Unit 2 - Introduction to Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology is a system that stores data in the form of a distributed ledger, utilizing cryptographic techniques to ensure the security of data, and achieving decentralization and immutability of data through consensus mechanisms. In this unit, we will explore the concept of distributed ledgers, the data structure of blockchain, cryptographic technologies used in blockchain, as well as common consensus mechanisms.

  • Unit 3 - Wallet Principles and Security

    A wallet is a digital asset management tool that secures users’ assets through cryptographic technology and strict measures. In this unit, we will cover the basic concepts of wallets, the common types of wallets, and effective measures for managing wallets.

  • Unit 4 - Blockchain Application Scenarios

    Blockchain technology has been widely applied in the web3 ecosystem. In this unit, we will introduce several mainstream applications: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Web3 Basics

Web3 Basics

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