Reproduce Hacking Incidents With Foundry

In the Foundry Reproduction of Hacking Attacks course, we will look into how to use Foundry to reproduce the hacker's attack path on the Defi protocol, so as to have a deeper understanding of smart contract security.

Skill LevelAdvanced
Total Length1.5h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Developers interested in Foundry framework
  • Developers interested in smart contract security


  • Understand basic concepts of Web3 and blockchain
  • Understand the basic syntax of Solidity

What You’ll Learn

  • Reproducing On-Chain Hacker Attack Paths with Foundry


  • 1. GPU token self-transfer vulnerability

    This chapter will study a GPU token attack case that occurred on Binance on 2024-05-08, understand the vulnerability principle and attack details, and finally reproduce the attack.

  • 2.Reproduce Reentrancy Attack on Defrost

    This chapter will use Foundry to reproduce the path of the reentrancy attack on the Defrost project.


Reproduce Hacking Incidents With Foundry

6 lessons
Access on mobile and desktop