What is DAO? A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. In the DAO course, we will learn to write a simplified contract for DAO proposal voting and execution.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1.7h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Researchers who are interested in blockchain governance
  • Developers who are interested in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
  • Developers looking to delve deeper into Solidity programming applications


  • Basic understanding of the concept of DAOs
  • Basic Solidity programming skills, with a recommendation to first complete foundational Solidity courses (at least Solidity 101 to 104)
  • Possess an Ethereum account, connected to both Mantle and a wallet, holding either Mantle tokens or test tokens (for those wishing to perform real on-chain operations, though deployment can also be done directly in a local environment if test tokens are not available)

What You’ll Learn

  • Writing projects in the contract language Solidity to implement the most simplified DAO organizational governance, including proposal creation, voting, and execution of proposals
  • How to use a wallet to initiate transactions to deploy projects on the blockchain and view corresponding information


  • Define Contracts and Interface

    In this unit, we'll define the contract and design interface for DAOs.

  • Define Proposal Struct and Example Proposal

    In this unit, we'll define a DAO Proposal struct and create a sample proposal contract.

  • mockBalance

    In this unit, we'll implement the functionality to add members to our DAO and assign them voting power.

  • createProposal

    In this unit, we'll implement proposal creation and decentralized voting in the DAO contract.

  • vote (1)

    In this unit, we'll begin implementing the vote function for our DAO contract

  • vote (2)

    In this unit, we'll implement the voting mechanism and track members' votes in our DAO contract.

  • executeProposal (1)

    In this unit, we'll initiate the process to execute a passed proposal in our DAO contract

  • executeProposal (2)

    In this unit, we'll execute the proposal upon achieving a majority vote and update its status in the DAO contract.



41 lessons
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