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HackQuest Community IRL 👀

ETH Shanghai

ETH Shanghai

June 25, 2023 → July 7, 2023
Shanghai, China
Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup

Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup

August 12, 2023
Chengdu, China
Nitro Hackathon & New Trends Summit

Nitro Hackathon & New Trends Summit

Aug 25, 2023 → Sep 12, 2023
Online & Singapore


Sep 9, 2023 → Sep 13, 2023
Austin, TX, USA
Axelar Co-learning camp

Axelar Co-learning camp

Sep 1, 2023 → Sep 14, 2023
Online & Shanghai
ETH Chicago

ETH Chicago

Sep 15, 2023 → Sep 17, 2023
Chicago, IL, USA
Solana HangZhou Hacker House

Solana HangZhou Hacker House

Sep 18, 2023 → Sep 23, 2023
HangZhou, China
NEAR Ignite the Future

NEAR Ignite the Future

September 21, 2023
New York, NY, USA


Nov 3, 2023 → Nov 5, 2023
Atlanta, GA


Nov 7, 2023 → Nov 10, 2023
Lisbon, Portugal
Solana HyperDrive Hackathon

Solana HyperDrive Hackathon

November 21, 2023
Solana Chengdu Afternoon Tea Party

Solana Chengdu Afternoon Tea Party

November 25, 2023
Chengdu, China
LightLink APAC Hackathon & Hacker House

LightLink APAC Hackathon & Hacker House

Dec 13, 2023 → Jan 5, 2024
ChengDu, China
Solana Hangzhou Meet-up

Solana Hangzhou Meet-up

December 24, 2023
HangZhou, China

Make a Difference as an Advocate 💪

  • Be the Face of HackQuest

    Bring HackQuest’s mission to life in your local community - rallying around our captivating vision and invite more frens to join 🚀

  • Organize Events

    Spark exciting online and IRL HackQuest events - meetups, hackathons, co-learning camps... let’s BUIDL together 🛠️

  • Educate the Community

    Share learning journey in public and educate the world about Web3 and HackQuest through posts, articles, videos, workshops... educate and inspire ✨

  • Create an Inclusive Culture

    Welcome all new members with open arms - answer questions, address feedback, provide guidance... regardless of their background and skill level 🙌

Benefits of Being An Advocate 🎁

Compensation Package

We sincerely value your work and do not believe in making people work for free. If you are contributing to our vision, we are always happy to compensate you fairly for your hard work 💰 Top advocates will also receive customized merch sets from HackQuest and our partners.

Work alongside the Core Team

We always appreciate your feedback 💌 As an advocate, you will work alongside our amazing core team based globally in the USA, the Greater China area, India, and Singapore.

Early Access to Beta Features

Shhhhh 🤫 let me tell you a secret — HackQuest ships new features onto the dev environment every two weeks. As an advocate, you will always receive priority access.

Networking and Mentorship

HackQuest collaborates with 100+ Web3 ecosystems and projects and regularly organizes IRL and online events 🤝

Career Opportunities

Jumpstart your Web3 career with HackQuest. Starting as an advocate, you will have exclusive opportunities to join us or our partners as a fellow, intern, part-time, or full-time down the road 🚀

Timely Support

Wanna organize a workshop, meetup, hackathon, or even a conference in your local community? Reach out to us with the idea and we’ll be happy to support you in any way we can 🙌

We ❤️ our community advocates

Share your learning journey and tag us to be featured

AdiSuyash   🥑  | Aditya Gupta
AdiSuyash 🥑  | Aditya Gupta@AdiSuyash
Started #Web3
I'm Super Pumped 🔥

I'll share my daily learnings

Checkout: hackquest.io

Visit my Notion site:

Thanks @HackQuest_
and @HarryZhangs ❤️
Vivek Yadav
Vivek Yadav@vivekyadav03004
Thanks to @harryzhangs Co- founder of @HackQuest_ for quicking off and leading the townhall and walking all the cohart members through the @HackQuest_ platform hackquest.io
Prashant Vishwakarma
Prashant Vishwakarma@19VPrashant
I've completed 100% Mantle learning track on @HackQuest_
the journey was so amazing & interesting.👍🙌
Thanks to @harryzhangs @adisuyash ❤️#14DaysofWeb3 #web3 #HackQuest #Web3Journey
Akshat Yadav
Akshat Yadav@ItsAkshatKumar
Just attended the 1st townhall of

Got to know about the platform 🌐Hackqeust.io and it's different features ❤️Also thanks to@harryzhangs and
@AdiSuyash for introducing me to this amazing learning experience!

#HackQuest #Layer2Learning
Ivy Fung
Ivy Fung@ivyfung81
D95 #100DaysOfDevRel
Day 8/14 of #Web3 on
@HackQuest_Today I have:
🔸 Learned Solidity: Implementing NFTs contracts like Cryotokitties.
📷 Suggested improvements

#HackQuest #14DayswithMantle
ust attended the 2nd townhall of

We learned soo many things from this 2nd townhall. And also know about the different features of @HackQuest_

Aso thanks to our speakers@AdiSuyash
and @harryzhangs for introducing me to this amazing learning experience
刚刚在 HackQuest 学完了 Solidity 课程 ,然后用了三天时间自己写了一个 DEX,不得不感叹 Web3 的神奇!学习过程中也充分感受到了web3社区的力量,和HackQuest 社区的小伙伴们一起共学给了我很大的动力 以后我也会成为社区支持者 和大家一起共同成长,LFG!!
@HackQuest_ #HackQuest
Shyaamal Tripathi
Shyaamal Tripathi@Shyaamal1108
Glad to share that I am working with
@HackQuest_ (powering @buildmoonshot)
as Community Manager (India) where I'll be building their Web3 developer community in Indiain

If you happen to run a Web2/Web3 community, we're happy to collaborate 🚀🚀

#web3community #web3education
뭔가 재밋어 보이는 완전 신규플 @HackQuest_코드2언? 에듀케이션2언? @0xMantle 네트워크에서의 코딩 학습 퀘스트를 통해 보상을 받는 구조코딩에 코짜도 모르지만 찬찬히 따라해보겠음!
Stanley Nouping
Stanley Nouping@NoupingStanley
Day 13 to 14/14 of #Web3 at @HackQuest_ @harryzhangs

Today is the final day. At @HackQuest_
💡 Complete the Mantle learning Track.
💡 Learned advanced concept in #Solidity.
💡Created and deployed the CryptoKitty smart contract.

Thanks to
Alok Sahal
Alok Sahal@AlokSahal215021
While learning and exploring about the web 3 field it is quite enthusiastic for me with #Hackquest as this is going to be crazy platform in the field of teaching skills to students 😊

HackQuest предоставляет лучший в мире опыт обучения в сфере Web3! Я горжусь тем, что являюсь защитником сообщества HackQuest и помогаю привлекать все больше людей в мир Web3.


Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar@Abhishekkr025
Attended the 2nd townhall of
@HackQuest_ .

Conquered so many things in just 2nd townhall.

Thanks to our speakers @harryzhangs and @AdiSuyash for introducing for this amazing experience.
Akshay Shukla
Akshay Shukla@AkshayTweetS734
Excited to share that I've successfully conquered the Mantle Learning Track on
@HackQuest_ ! 💯
Huge shoutout to the amazing community and resources that made this achievement possible! 🙌🎓 #HackQuest #Web3

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