5 Sectors in Crypto We Are Bullish On and Why

Moonshot Commons
Oct 17, 2022
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At Moonshot Commons, we have been thinking, debating and building theses on the next verge of innovations in blockchain and crypto. We are excited to share our views on the 5 specific verticals and startup ideas that we think might become the next big thing. Feedback, comments are greatly appreciated, and we welcome Gen-Z founders to build with Moonshot.

Emerging Languages and Developer Onboarding Tools

We believe in the next 3 years, the monthly active crypto developer count will cross the 100,000 mark as compared to 18,416 in 2021, according to a report written by Electric Capital.

This is driven by a few top-down factors. More VC funding, more educational content and university-level courses, more robust and well updated languages, to name a few. As we host hackathons with participants from multiple continents, we also witnessed the sheer amount of enthusiasm and interest from young developers looking to leave their mark in the blockchain industry.

We are especially bullish on developer onboarding tools such as Integrated development environment (IDE), zero-knowledge compiler tools, decentralized knowledge platforms, language transpilers and developer Q&A forums. We are also keen on supporting gamified content with token credentials, as well as developer communities.

We are currently researching and developing content in the following developer languages Move, Sway, Rust.

Mobile-first Web3 Killer App

As the crypto technology stacks matures, we think that the next mass adoption use cases will emerge very soon. NFT powered games and social apps, as well as metaverse brands, will be the moving forces to onboard the next 100 million, if not 1 billion users to crypto and web3.

With the aforementioned crypto developers and product managers / growth hackers switching to web3, we will see brand new ways for brands, content producers and creators to engage with their users. Token, NFT driven incentives, digital scarcity, play-and-earn, social tokens and brand memberships are all components of the next big Web3 killer app.

We will look closely particularly in the intersection of gaming and web3, where game developers, publishers, IPs and esports come together to create the next billion dollar web3 game, or the next most famous web3 esports team.

We have invited the founder of stepn, Jerry to share his experience in building stepn, and will continue to invite more experienced founders in this category to speak.


Large volume of on-chain traffic, activities and data calls for better infrastructure. Previously we have seen MPC solutions for institutions such as Fireblocks, yet the mobile native, on-chain activities optimized version of MPC wallet remains to be developed. Increasingly high demand for L1 traffic also brings to the rise of app-centric roll-ups and other scaling solutions to support a spike in TPS demands.

The combination of on/off chain data and low-latency needs have already brought in experts in the field to build companies like Moralis and Bitquery. Security will also become a big concern as hacks are become ever more prevalent these days.

We are very interested in working with founders in the following field: 1) MPC wallet; 2) Scaling solutions; 3) Security; 4) Data.

Open Finance

We have seen the rapid development of permissionless, decentralized finance and the power of composability. Lending, swaps, derivatives and oracles can form financial legos that powers the next generation financial applications for more users.

Although there are many setbacks and potential regulatory concerns, we remain positive on the future of open finance with a focus on 1) sustainable yield generation; 2) privacy preservation; 3) multi-chain and cross-chain opportunities; 4) mobile-native applications.

We see potential use cases in payroll solutions, privacy enabled payment / wallets, multichain wallet, on-chain derivatives and option pricing, credit loan.

Decentralized Society

Lastly, with the combination of killer apps, infrastructure, developer onboarding tools and open finance, we call for builders that are pushing decentralized society to reality, piece by piece.

Replacing credentialism with on-chain achievements, building decentralized messaging+trello+knowledge management apps, applying zero-knowledge proofs for on-chain identities, these are all ideas that keep us up at night.

We call for founders that are building 1) credentialing tools, SBT applications; 2) decentralized work / productivity tools; 3) digital nomad communities; 4) creating content in this category.

At Moonshot Commons, we hack with the cutting edge technology and help bring the most impactful web3 startup idea to reality!

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