WAGMI (wen all gonna make it)

Apr 2, 2024
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Welcome to the exciting world of Web3, where digital currencies, blockchain, and a unique culture converge. As you step into this realm, you might come across a curious acronym - WAGMI. Don't worry if it sounds like a secret code; we're here to unravel its meaning and introduce you to the positive vibes it brings to the Web3 community.


What is the meaning of WAGMI?

WAGMI, or “We’re All Going (to) Make It”, stands as a sign of solidarity and belief that in the end, every crypto enthusiast will find this success. It is used to support, to motivate, and to aid disbelieved investors.

Example Sentence: Whatever happens, WAGMI!

Origin of WAGMI – the Zyzz story

WAGMI's roots go back to 2008, a time predating the creation of Bitcoin. The slang was first used by the name Aziz Shavershian or Zyzz, a charismatic Russian-Australian bodybuilder and YouTube influencer. Zyzz inspired his followers to hit the gym, embrace self-improvement, and exude confidence. His words, "We're all going to make it, bro, that's it. That's what the revolution is," sparked a revolution of a different kind, later finding resonance in the crypto world.

Real-World Applications of WAGMI:

Social Media Usage:

Crypto enthusiasts frequently employ "WAGMI" in social media posts to share their investment decisions, celebrate successes, or provide encouragement to others in the community.


Source: Snoop Dogg

Meme Culture:

Memes featuring the "WAGMI" mantra have become prevalent in online communities. These memes often depict scenes from movies, TV shows, or popular culture with captions that play on the idea of collective success.


Celebration of Milestones:

Community members use "WAGMI" to celebrate reaching financial milestones or achieving specific goals. This creates a positive feedback loop, reinforcing the sense of shared success within the community.


Source: Budweiser


In Web3, where innovation meets community, WAGMI is more than just slang; it's a shared ethos. It invites you to be part of a movement that believes in collective success. Now you know what is a “WAGMI” in Web3, come join us and start to celebrate more milestones with your fellow Web3 developers! We're all gonna make it!

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