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Basic Smart Contract Security In Solidity

This course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts and techniques of smart contract security. The content covers reentrancy attacks, access control, flash loan attacks, DOS attacks, transaction frontrunning, replay attacks, oracle issues, common attacks on ERC20, common attacks on NFTs, and other smart contract security issues. Through this series of courses, students will gain an in-depth understanding of various security vulnerabilities and their prevention methods, laying a solid foundation for future smart contract development and security audits.

Skill LevelIntermediate
Total Length6h

Certified Arbitrum Learner

Certificate co-issued by HackQuest and Arbitrum, certifying the successful completion of the Arbitrum Learning Track.


Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Developers interested in Solidity smart contracts
  • Developers interested in Solidity security


  • Understand the basic concepts of Web3 and blockchain
  • Understand the basics of smart contract development, testing and deployment
  • Understand common DeFi and EIP protocols

What You’ll Learn

  • Systematically learn common vulnerabilities in Ethereum
  • Implement common vulnerability attacks
Reentrancy attack
Access control vulnerabilities
Flash loan attack
Denial of service attacks, etc.


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Basic Smart Contract Security In Solidity
Basic Smart Contract Security In Solidity
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