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Foundry Framework

Foundry is a powerful Solidity development framework that helps developers efficiently build, test, and deploy smart contracts. In this course, we will introduce the basics of the Foundry framework, delve into practical testing, learn how to create NFTs and simulate mainnet forks using Foundry, and even replicate hacker attacks to ensure the security and stability of smart contracts.

Skill LevelIntermediate
Total Length7.5h

Certified Arbitrum Learner

Certificate co-issued by HackQuest and Arbitrum, certifying the successful completion of the Arbitrum Learning Track.


Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • Developers who are interested in Foundry framework
  • Developers who are interested in smart contract security


  • Understand basic concepts of Web3 and blockchain
  • Understand basic syntax of Solidity

What You’ll Learn

  • Foundry basic concepts
  • Commonly used tools in Foundry
  • Reproducing On-Chain Hacker Attack Paths with Foundry
Foundry Framework
Foundry Framework
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