DAI - Part 2

In Part 2 of the DAI course, we will continue to build the StableCoin contract, focusing on the mint and burn functions.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length1.3h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in blockchain finance
  • For developers who are interested in decentralized stablecoins, especially DAI
  • For developers who are looking to learn Solidity programming applications


  • Familiar with the ERC20 standard
  • Basic Solidity programming skills, with a recommendation to first complete Solidity foundational courses (at least Solidity 101 to 104)
  • Possess an Ethereum account, connected to both Mantle and a wallet, holding either Mantle tokens or test tokens (for those wishing to perform real on-chain operations, though deployment can also be done directly in a local environment if test tokens are not available)
  • Completed the content for course DAI - collateral - 1

What You’ll Learn

  • Implementation of setting token prices, minting stablecoins with preconditions, and defining functions for burning stablecoins
collateralization ratio


  • Price Oracle

    Develop a function to inform the contract about the current price of the collateral.

  • Collateralization Ratio

    Define and set up the collateralization ratio, a crucial metric for the stability of the contract.

  • MintStableCoin - Section 1

    Begin the process of writing the 'mintStableCoin' function, focusing on its initial development.

  • MintStableCoin - Section 2

    Finalize the 'mintStableCoin' function, ensuring its complete functionality for issuing stablecoins.

  • BurnStableCoin - Section 1

    Start writing the 'burnStableCoin' function, laying the groundwork for coin destruction mechanisms.

  • burnStableCoin - 2

    Complete the 'burnStableCoin' function, enabling the burning of StableCoins within the contract.


DAI - Part 2

26 lessons
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