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Become a Web3 👩🏻‍💻👨🏽‍💻

Kickstart your Web3 learning journey with 100% FREE courses built by experts, certified by leading ecosystems, and supported by a variety of post-learning resources!


Earn official certificates co-issued by leading Web3 ecosystems and HackQuest

HackQuest partners with leading ecosystems such as Solana and Mantle, making us the only place where you can earn on-chain certificates issued directly by your favorite ecosystems.


Follow zero-to-hero learning paths

No matter where you are in the Web3 development journey, we can help you to advance with our three learning paths, 10+ syntax courses, and 30+ guided projects. All HackQuest courses are built following Universal Design of Learning (UDL), meaning they are accessible and inclusive for all learners, regardless of abilities or learning styles.


Deploy to L1L2s in minutes

Say bye to hours of software installations before learning! Our embedded browser-IDE empowers you to write, edit, test, and deploy, all within the platform, without the need for any additional software installations.


Learn beyond traditional courses

Wondering what to do after the courses? Your journey continues with real-world application and activities. Keep engaged, inspired, and connected with us through hackathons, meet-ups, and blogs.

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We Support Beyond 📖

Your learning does not end with courses. Engage with our rapidly growing Web3 community!


Join Hackathons

We love hackathons and organize 20+ a year! Apply what you learned by building exciting projects with like-minded enthusiasts around the 🌎

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We love sharing! Founder secrets, VC analyses, research reports... Read topics beyond coding and share what you learned with the community 📚

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We love meeting new frens online & IRL! Join our next meet-up, AMA, co-learning camp, or else. You might meet life-long frens here 😉

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Don’t take our words for it. See what others say about HackQuest!

SegmentFault has more than 8M registered developers in China, and many of them are eager to learn about Web3. Partnering with HackQuest has opened up an invaluable avenue for these amazing developers to do just that. I think what makes HackQuest special from Udemy and Codecademy is that it is not just a learning platform, it is also a vibrant and welcoming Web3 community.
Sunny Gao
Sunny GaoFounder @ SegmentFault
I've used other sites to learn to code in Solidity and Rust, but HackQuest has been the one that I've stuck with.
Trying to get started in web3 can be hard, but HackQuest makes it significantly easier. I genuinely wish this kind of customizable education existed when I started in the space.
Scott Moore
Scott MooreCo-founder @ Gitcoin
I really appreciate the high-quality and easily understandable content on HackQuest. The user interface is beautifully designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. The concept and coding quizzes are incredibly helpful in reinforcing the theory components.
Parth Kumar
Parth KumarStudent
Partnering with the HackQuest team has been an amazing experience. I am amazed every time when we host developer IRL events like hacker house and developer meetup. Our team is beyond excited to see the impact HackQuest will have on the Solana and Rust communities going forward.
YaoyaoGrowth @ Solana Foundation
What truly makes HackQuest special is the incredible individuals who are part of this community. I've had the pleasure of meeting sincere and practical idealists here. To all my fellow builders out there, if you are considering joining their Hackathons, go for it. You won't regret it!
EricFounder @ Cluster3
Our collaboration with HackQuest is aimed at crafting a curriculum that is as diverse as it is deep, ensuring developers not only learn but also apply their knowledge in real-world Web3 scenarios.
PauliDeveloper Success Engineer @ Mantle Network
From learning to launch my token and yield farming protocol to building a fully on-chain community-driven gambling app during their Hackathon, HackQuest's real-world projects and post-learning support helped me become a smart contract developer from zero to one and gave me the confidence to become a technical founder.
AlexSenior Engineer at Tencent
I think that HackQuest's online IDE is especially beneficial as it allows us to code and deploy smart contracts on-chain concurrently while learning. The hands-on demo and collaborative learning environment were also truly remarkable. I am grateful for the incredible journey with HackQuest!
Akshay Shukla
Akshay ShuklaStudent
I've been a mentor at HackQuest's co-learning camps numerous times.It's awesome to witness the transformation of so many Web2 devs who start from scratch, get jobs in Web3, and become experts through HackQuest. HackQuest is truly a public good and education infrastructure for Web3.
PotterCo-founder @ Ethsign
We co-hosted several hackathons with the HackQuest team including ETH Shanghai. It’s great that HackQuest always brings in new blood to Web3. Both HackQuest and ChainIDE share a common goal: to drive the mass adoption of Web3 by onboarding more developers.
WuxiaoFounder @ ChainIDE
I’m super glad to have taken part in HackQuest’s Hackathon. I met a group of insightful instructors and reliable teammates. Ever since I first joined the community through the Fireside chat, I immediately felt a sense of belonging here.
Suneal & Colin
Suneal & ColinFounders @ MetaMail
This has been an excellent learning experience, with a well-structured course that's friendly to beginners. I take pride in being part of HackQuest’s growing community. Building smart contracts with Solidity on the Mantle Network was amazing. The mentors and participants were fantastic, and the hands-on learning approach was both engaging and rewarding.
Stanley Nouping
Stanley NoupingStudent
I never thought I could become a Web3 developer, but HackQuest's platform made it accessible and fun even for beginners.
Prashant Vishwakarma
Prashant VishwakarmaStudent


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